Sessilee Lopez is an American Model with International Flavor

Sessilee Lopez is a Dominican and Portuguese model that has such a unique appearance that she has been featured in many of the top fashion magazines in the world. She also has been employed by a lot of the big name clothing companies. They know that Lopez can sell their merchandise and gear with her original appearance and unique style.

Foreign models have been on the rise since the 2000s. Exotic women from all over the world have entered into the modeling industry and a quite a few of them have amassed a following or legion of fans from almost every part of the globe. Many of these models shine in their own countries but when they come to the United States they not only shine, they stand out like a sparkling gem. Sessilee is a model who could be described in this manner except for one thing, she is from the states.
Sessilee Lopez is an African American woman who was born in Philadelphia but you could not tell by looking at her. She is tall and slim and has an appearancethat could be altered to resemble a brown-skinned Latino, Indian or Haitian woman. Many fashion companies want Sissilee to model their clothing because they know that she is definitely able to turn heads and get people to take notice of her beauty.
Sessilee Lopez is beautiful
More importantly she can get people to purchase the fashions that she showcases and this is not always an easy thing to do for many models. Sessilee focuses on her modeling career and is not involved with the music industry or with making films or television shows.